Website Consulting

Getting Started


Your first pick for a domain name you want is taken. How do you pivot?


HTTPS is most common now and your website may be flagged by browsers for not being 'secured' with an SSL certificate.

Hosting Provider

Where will you keep your website files? Where will you go to update them?


How does the user view the website? How do they use the website?


How do you want to edit your site? Do you know code or would you prefer a template-based platform?


Search Engine Optimization is a constantly evolving area of websites. Is your website capable of keeping up?


Reviewing and Testing Your Website

Do any and all forms, external links, features, and buttons work properly? Is the information up-to-date?

Browser Compatibility

Does your website work on most browsers? Does it appear correctly on mobile browsers?

Reviewing Metrics

Is your SEO and marketing working well by bringing visitors to the website?

Kristina Madsen

Furniture Maker, Southampton, MA

Developer, Website Consultant

HoHoHocus Pocus

Magician and Santa, Southampton, MA

Developer, Designer, Website Consultant

Barry DeCarli

Author and Poet, Easthampton, MA

Contributing Developer and Designer, Website Consultant

The Garcia Gallery

Non-Profit Art Gallery, Westfield, MA

Website Consultant

Salon Solace

Hair Salon, Easthampton, MA

Website Consultant

Dean Nimmer

Artist, Holyoke, MA

Developer, Designer, Website Consultant

Committee to Elect Chris Fowles

Town Election Candidate 2019, Southampton, MA (She won.)

Developer, Designer, Website Consultant

Heritage Land Surveying & Engineering, Inc.

Surveying and Engineering, Southampton, MA

Developer, Designer, Website Consultant

Heritage Books

Bookstore, Southampton, MA

Developer, Designer